Summer Safe Driving Tips

Summer is in full wing. The time of year when you want to load your family into the car and hit the road. Just remember to make sure your children have their seatbelts fastened in the proper position as well as making sure you are wearing your own. Long trips at times require GPS navigation and it’s imperative that you keep your eyes on the road. Let the person in your passenger seat read the directions allowing you to give your full attention to the road. Make sure to take breaks in your trips if they are going to be a long one your mind can drift and so can your car putting everyone inside and around your car in immediate danger. Take a break stretch your legs and maybe let someone else drive if your feeling a bit drowsy. Along with the season of long trips to far away s destinations there’s no better seasons for BBQs than the summer. If your going to consume drinks that contain alcohol do the right thing and give your keys to someone else and think of the possibility of taking a cab home. Is bringing your car home one night really worth the damage you could do to yourself or someone else? Think smart, plan ahead, car pool if necessary or arrange a friend to be a designated driver. There are services now that also will drive you and your car home if you feel strongly about not leaving your car out over night. There’s no excuse to drink and drive and we are all responsible; if you see a friend that’s had one too many interject and suggest they take a cab home. Summer time is arguably the best time of the year let’s also make it one of the safest times as well.

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