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About Mandel & Altholz, a traffic ticket lawyer in NYC

At the law firm of Mandel & Altholz we fight traffic and trucking tickets and violations. With more than 50 combined years of experience representing motorists in fighting their traffic tickets, Howard Mandel and Michael Altholz will represent you in court attempting to obtain the best outcome possible.At this firm we fight traffic and trucking tickets. That is all we do. You will be represented in court by an attorney who regularly

fight traffic tickets

in the court where your case is heard. There is a flat fee for your case regardless of how many appearances we may make in order to improve your chance in court.

Meet The Team

Fight trucking tickets violations in NYC

Howard M. Mandel has been admitted to the New York State Bar since 1985. He has been representing individuals in all types of traffic matters. Mr. Mandel has been fighting for and protecting motorists right and interests in all types of traffic matters in many traffic courts and is known for passionately and vigorously defending his clients and their best interests. His goal is to

avoid points & suspension at reasonable fees

for his clients.

Howard M. Mandel

Traffic ticket lawyer in manhattan

Michael Altholz has been admitted to the New York State since 1996. He has been exclusively

fighting traffic tickets

in many traffic courts ever since, specifically his speciality is to

fight trucking tickets violations in NYC.

He energetically has represented personal, for hire and truck drivers to save them points, fines, insurance hikes and suspensions. The attorneys of Mandel & Altholz and it’s courteous and supportive staff intends to give you experienced representation, at reasonable rates with positive customer care and service.

Michael Altholz