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The law on use of electronic devices while driving

The law prohibits the use of electronic devices for cell phone calls, texting, GPS and any other means while the phone is in your hand and the car is in motion. However, we recommend that you do not use your electronic device while a car is in traffic and particularly ...
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Summer Safe Driving Tips

Summer is in full wing. The time of year when you want to load your family into the car and hit the road. Just remember to make sure your children have their seatbelts fastened in the proper position as well as making sure you are wearing your own. Long trips ...
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Winter Safe Driving Tips From Mandel & Altholz

February is here and now that most of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions but the Law Firm of Mandel and Altholz would like to urge everyone to not give up the practice of safe driving. A new year only a month in and so many drivers ...
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School Zone Driving Safety Tips

Now that school is back in full swing the Law Firm Of Mandel and Altholz would like to give a few tips for safe driving during this time of the year. Remember the speed limit when driving near schools; many schools throughout New York State have cameras that will ticket ...
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