Winter Safe Driving Tips From Mandel & Altholz

February is here and now that most of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions but the Law Firm of Mandel and Altholz would like to urge everyone to not give up the practice of safe driving. A new year only a month in and so many drivers have forgotten to renew their cars inspection. Start this year off right and schedule a car inspection with a mechanic near you. Defensive driving courses are expiring. Drivers are encouraged to retake these courses to get the cheapest insurance possible and reduce points on their license. Groundhog Day is already behind us and we urge drivers to check their tires and other equipment that could have been damaged during these past few storms and could become potential hazards for not only yourself but other drivers on the road, remember a few seconds could save a few lives. The constant change in weather this winter can lead to slippery conditions on the road within hours; so let’s all take the time to avoid these hazards and to obey speed limits that could give every driver that extra second to stop before coming into contact with a slippery intersection or crosswalk.

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